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latest post: Kratky in the basement

Hello hello! Today is April Cools, which is like April Fools but for posting stuff outside what you normally write about instead of unfunny jokes. Hope you enjoy!

I want to eat more salads, but:

  1. Viral and bacterial outbreaks come up pretty regularly in the US food system. I don't feel super paranoid about produce where you can wash or avoid eating the skin, but I feel worse in cases where usually you eat the whole plant.
  2. Large-scale farming techniques sometimes seem pretty dubious, even in products labeled as organic.
  3. Because of how our food system is set up, produce is regularly transported hundreds of miles before being consumed.

Luckily for me, doing hydroponic gardening at home in my basement is a way around this:

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currently: tinyping

Tinyping is a tool to help people (myself included) to make sure they're using their time in accordance with their values.

It does this by random sampling: every so often, it will ask you what you're working on. Once it has enough pings, you can use statistics to build up an accurate picture of how you're using your time!

Tinyping is currently under development and hasn't been released yet; there's a placeholder page at

This project started out as the last thing-a-month, and was inspired by TagTime.

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latest micropost: Notes from setting up Nomad

A couple people have asked me for my impressions of Nomad. I used it a little bit back before 1.0, but haven't touched it for ~8 years so I'm going in with relatively fresh eyes.

The "stack" here is Vault, Consul, and Nomad. Here's a snippet of what they do:

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