👋 Hey There

My name is Brian Hicks. You've found my site!

The latest post I wrote was modeling CRDTs in Alloy - counters, and the latest talk I gave was elm-csv: be as boring—and as fast—as possible at the London Elm User Group.

Right now I'm working on engineering design systems at Vendr (making user experience more consistent), learning Alloy (model all the things!), and home recycling (stop throwing away plastic.)

In the past, I've worked on being the wandering toolmaker (staff engineering at NoRedInk), bold (a remote-first build system), rbt (the Roc build tool), bad-datalog (a datalog in Elm), elm-csv (a CSV parser), and a batch at the Recurse Center (M1 2020.)

Made with Love in St. Louis, MO. Have a wonderful day! ❤️