launch ftw, part 2

Brian Hicks, June 15, 2023

OK, doing lesson 1 this morning. "Three rules for success in your launch ftw challenge." It starts off with Amy Hoy's story of launching a product business. Key quote for me: "I resolved 'This time, I'll do what works'" after tons of "plan-crastination." The daydreams certainly sound like me, although I worry about trying to see myself too much in other peoples' stories.

So the three most important rules:

  1. DO learn what people need, want, and will actually buy, and make that
  2. DO design a realistic plan quickly — for a tiny first product, with marketing baked in — so you can hit the ground running and start seeing traffic and sales as soon as possible
  3. DO execute and ship things that are good enough, not perfect, and keep doing it until you build your way up into success

Summarizing in my own words: find something that people are willing to buy, make ONLY that (no overcomplicating things!) and ship it quickly to get feedback. Reminds me of the way I try to push at work to ship something small and sharp so that we can get more data—why not apply that mindset to my own products as well?

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