launch ftw, part 6

Brian Hicks, June 27, 2023

Ten threads. Let's go.

Alright, ok, you got me. That's not ten threads! But it is three, and I took the time to answer one of them. I also looked around and found a handful of threads that I want to look at on the Sorbet Slack, so that's some collection done.

As a little status update from yesterday, I asked around in the Ruby discord for help finding more places to look for pain. A few people got confused and thought I was a beginner asking for help, but someone shared a big list with me. Gonna have a look through that soon!

And a thought from yesterday: I went to a Model Monday yesterday and someone mentioned that professors who teach programmer frequently don't actually know the problems that their students are struggling with because the students make all the typical mistakes while doing homework, and the professors only see the finished version. I've taught Sorbet to a bunch of people at work, so I've seen some of the mistakes there, but I wonder if I'm going to run into the same problems looking online? I don't think so, anyway; it seems like if folks are willing to post a problem online they're really feeling stuck!

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