meta: micro posts are in the feed now

Brian Hicks, February 6, 2024

Hi out there to any folks subscribing via RSS! You probably got a bunch of posts in your feed reader just now that had to do with an exploration of starting a business I did in August of last year. And with the next post in your feed, you're going to start getting more like that.

If that's cool with you, then great: no action required on your part to get everything. However, if you'd like to be more picky about which of my posts you get, re-point your feed reader to:

BTW, about the "micro" name: I started this thinking of these as truly tiny, but they ended up being simply looser and less well-researched than the bigger posts I do. They may end up being more like 140-character things sometimes, but the real point is to "work with the garage door up" and give you a look at what I'm doing on a more regular basis.

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If you just have questions about this, or anything I write, please feel free to email me!