getting back off the CI train

Brian Hicks, February 20, 2024

I got Woodpecker working, but the first job I did (a nix build) totally froze up the whole cluster for like an hour and a half, and didn't even complete successfully. Pretty yikes. Looking at this realistically, I don't want to buy the size nodes that I would need to do this properly, so it probably makes sense for me to use a hosted service (probably just a free one!) If I had a bunch of money to throw at this problem, though, I'd probably use Woodpecker. It was pretty nice!

After doing some investigation, it looks like I'm going to end up on GitHub actions for now. I don't love that—part of the reason I started self-hosting my own stuff was to get away from GitHub, but the price is right and it enables me to get going on things that I care about more than fiddling with CI runners.

Tradeoffs, as always: if I don't want to run my own thing, I have to put up with what someone else is willing to run. That seems annoying, but fine.

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