running this blog on Kubernetes

Brian Hicks, February 23, 2024

This week has been wild but I've got an update: I'm now That Person who has a static site blog running on a Kubernetes cluster. 😆

The workflow for publishing a new post is now:

  1. Write the post
  2. Put it in a PR
  3. Merge the PR when checks pass

Everything else is automated. Once the PR merges, GitHub Actions builds the container with, then pushes it to a container registry and updates the manifests file that Argo CD is listening to. Once Argo sees that, it updates the containers running in the cluster.

It's quite a rube goldberg machine, but I'm happy with it. Now to get the rest of the little services I have running under ported!

If you'd like, I can keep you updated about thing-a-month. Stick your email in the box!