Ukelele seems nice

Brian Hicks, February 23, 2024

I've wanted to pick up an instrument again for a while now. I considered the guitar, but:

  1. the strings hurt my fingers
  2. they're so big!
  3. when I've tried to learn, I've felt a lot of pressure to get good or get out. Rock star mentality, maybe? Not my speed, anyway.

So instead, I'm going to try the ukulele:

  1. nylon strings
  2. small and cute
  3. all the stuff I have found about ukulele is like "yeah, we're all here to have fun." Really chill, which I appreciate.

And as a nice bonus I really like the sound of the ones I bought. I got two because my son wants to learn with me! I'm really looking forward to messing around and making some music!