thing-a-month (awareness)

The second thing-a-month project is a "random time tracker" I'm calling tinyping.

It works a bit like TagTime and is good for getting a better awareness of moods and how I (and others) spend our time.

There are two big challenges here for me:

  1. Understanding enough of the statistics to get useful results. I think I've already go an OK understanding, but this will test that assumption. However, it looks like the underlying math is actually fairly simple! (1, 2)
  2. Building something that can ask for discreet updates in enough places to be useful. This probably means making a native app of some kind eventually to use the right notifications APIs.

I started this in March and continued into April with the goal of getting something usable by the end of the month. That didn't quite happen, and I dropped thing-a-month at the end of that month. Tinyping lives on, but not as a thing-a-month project.


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