I'm interested in making new products, and I've got a bunch of ideas. So in 2024 (or at least the early part of it) I tried to make a thing a month!

The rules were pretty simple:

  1. It had to be a "real" thing. Something you can buy, download, subscribe to, etc.
  2. It had to be ready in a month.

If I decided I want one of the "things" to be improvements to an earlier thing, that would've been fine. Point was: they couldn't be huge years-long projects.

Here are the projects I did:

I ended up having to stop doing thing-a-month because the time constraint was infeasible for the things I was interested in building. I wrote about that at stopping thing-a-month.


Stopping thing-a-month, May 6, 2024
kicking off thing-a-month, February 6, 2024